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Mel Blackwell is the Chief Operating Officer at IndusTREE Companies.

Mel is an accomplished Senior Executive with 30 years of highly successful operations, sales and marketing leadership, general management, and P&L experience. Mel has built, sustained, and led renaissances of amazing cultures that outperform the competition. He is a high energy, skilled revenue driver, team builder, channel strategist, P&L manager, and operations expert. Mel is a best practice machine due to his years of diverse experience leading winning teams. Mel is renown as an inspirational leader and communicator that can help develop and then proliferate the vision and brand into a healthy, high performing enterprise. His forte is being both creative and operationally sound to execute the vision. He has experience across numerous diverse industries from print and digital publishing, global trade-shows and events, 3-D agency marketing, telecom, software, retail, B2B, B2C, outdoor products, and environmental laboratories. His experience spans start-ups to $3+Billion in revenue.

Throughout his executive career, Mel has held leadership positions with The Blackwell Group Consulting, EBSCO Industries, Inc., Health Partners America, ET Global Exhibit Group, McLeod Software, Test America Analytical Testing, Arch Wireless, and Green Tree Acceptance.

Mel is the author of several unique training and coaching programs, including The Razor™. Mel is also fun and funny by nature, and naturally plain spoken. It is not unusual for political correctness to take a back seat to kind truth and humor.

” One of my favorite memories rekindles a moment where my grandfather told me, ‘Always wake up and go do more for the cause of good every day than you do for bad.’ And so I did, and I live by that every day.”

~Mel Blackwell