…What Do You Mean Those Negative Things Are Happening in My Business and I Do Not Know About It?

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It is such a sinking feeling to be the top executive in your business, only to learn that you, and possibly even your key executives, are unaware of critical culture breaches and well entrenched expectation breakdowns in vital areas of your business.  You may be thinking, “How did this happen? What else do I not know? I have this high powered leadership team and EOS, yet this is happening? This is no kind of leverage at all…”

Leverage is an advanced skill-set. One can inherit it. One can build it. One can also lose it. In business, leverage really requires every location/department to be aligned and functioning at a high level and in unison, solving issues down in the organization, and proliferating the culture up into the company. Every location and department should collectively and respectively do exactly their right part to deliver the company vision and company rocks. We should be blossoming team members in their careers. Leveraged leadership teams witness their locations and departments being on-brand, on-message, rowing together, pulling problems down and solving them, and pushing up ideas and solutions to future issues! It has to be a fine sounding symphony! Uniting a leadership team around core best practices is critical. Keep it simple and standardized so it can be pushed down, accepted and executed in every location and every department. If your company is achieving advanced traction, then your competitors are reeling from trying to keep up with you.

For companies who have graduated EOS with an Implementer, we already have the simple, reusable tool-set. Oh, but how to use it! That is always the hardest thing. For Advanced Traction to exist, the owner/chief executive needs to be committed to EOS, the leadership team needs to be committed to EOS, and they all need to be desirous of using it in full force to gain leverage and advanced traction.

So even if you are asking, “How in the heck is this happening in my business and I do not even know about it…?” The good news is that by engaging an advanced traction coach like me, you can absolutely get past these snags and obstacles! We will use EOS to do it. You just need a seasoned guide to get you there.

The dream is still alive and attainable. Maybe we should talk about it.

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