You Found Traction, But the Roads Are Getting Slippery Again

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You have successfully launched the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) as the backbone of your business. You have seen promising results casting the right people in the right seats and using the EOS tools especially at the leadership team level! IDS has changed the way you solve problems. But Let’s get back to that dream – the reason you have a business, the reason you wake up excited, and the reason you need traction to reach it! What about that dream? Are you compromising your dream based on the limitations of the people, the business and the obstacles? Or is your dream on full hyper-drive because you have Traction from top to bottom in your enterprise? Contrast the real dream, unfettered, versus the settled dream based on false acceptance of  “this is as good as we can be…” You do not have to settle! There is a way to get back on track for the full, unadulterated version of your dream, and even beyond!

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) transformed my ability to lead senior management teams! I have introduced and Implemented EOS for numerous companies. As the CEO/President of multiple organizations where we wholly embraced EOS to gain Traction, there is an advanced level of Traction most companies and leadership teams do not achieve. So what is “Advanced Traction“? It is top to bottom advanced vision and dream delivery. It is a healthy leadership team with supporting and under-girding healthy departments throughout the enterprise. Advanced Traction is World Class Level 10 meetings happening top to bottom throughout the entire enterprise where the right issues are uncovered and resolved deep in the business. It is a symphony of well tuned departments setting and achieving rocks together. Imagine aligning the entire enterprise whereby all departments and all leaders effectively performing IDS weekly on the right issues tied to the health of the vision and the dream. It is every senior leader and his/her respective leaders having tough conversations, weekly, and quarterly and annual reviews with all team members. Most importantly, Advanced Traction is a symphony of well tuned and executed “Delegate and Elevate.”

ADVANCED TRACTION: EOS Implementation is an approximate Two (2) year program, and is most impactful when an EOS Implementer is engaged for that two years. The EOS Implementer engages quarterly, usually offsite at planning meetings, for two years. The EOS Implementer is an invaluable resource for the leadership team to get EOS infused and get Traction going. Then you graduate. You have invested tens of thousands and hundreds of hours as a leadership team into EOS. Reality is that graduated EOS companies tend to hit a ceiling, even when trying to stay with the powerful tenants of EOS. The cost of this ceiling is diminishing health and prowess of the enterprise. The potential is not met despite the effort and best intentions. How do you get back on Traction?

Advanced Traction is almost certainly not a Do it Yourself (DIY) process.  It takes a rare coach’s engagement with an EOS graduated and still committed leadership team. There are dozens of ways to regain traction and achieve advanced traction. One example, imagine real and substantive Delegation and Elevation! Starting with the top executives, are they all truly doing what he or she is made to do, and has each delegated in a similar best practice way to his/her team? This starts with the very top executives and goes down to every department. Are your leaders doing what they want to do or what they should be doing? Are your leaders doing work they should be delegating? Are you doing work you should be delegating to your leaders? What is the cost in time, money, frustration and lack of growth from this one advanced EOS acumen? Imagine the leverage of a well cast, elevated leadership team effectively delegating and elevating! Those of us who have run enterprises for decades know that Right People – Right Seats is a dynamic and never ending initiative. This one advanced EOS best practice can catapult the business back into its dream! The impact of smart elevation and spot-on delegation can literally take the enterprise back into the right person right seat conversation top to bottom. The impact to traction is wonderful!


This is just a single example of one advanced EOS skill-set, and it can be your new reality if your leadership team engages the right coach with the rare expertise to implement this top-down. In our engagement, we will sharpen every EOS acumen to best practice and will catapult the enterprise’s traction!

So where does one find coaching to facilitate Advanced Traction? That is what I do. I provide onsite, hands-on sage advice and assistance flying the business. Dedicated and limited quantity of engagements allow me to be accountable and deliver advanced traction for the owner, each senior leader, and all departments. My pledge: No long term contracts required. We go month to month and if at any time our client is not happy, there are no further commitments.

For those graduated EOS leadership teams who have hit the ceiling, the next step is a complimentary 90-minute meeting to decide if this is right for both parties.

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