You know what? You are the only person to ever walk this earth as “you”!

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The one thing that makes each of us unique is our perspective. Think about it. You are the only person to live right now as you on this earth! Nobody looks out of your eyes but you. You are the only person to ever live in your skin at this specific time and place. You are unique!

What is the one thing we have that makes us more powerful, more impactful and more precious to the world than the greatest men and women who have ever lived in history? We are alive now. They are dead! The problems of today must be solved by the people that are here today. Impactful men and women of yesterday still have importance and they teach us. Yet, they cannot act and be present here right now, and we can. The challenges of this time and place must be solved by those of us here right now.

Add to this a simple and powerful way of approaching every day. Find the good around you and harvest it. Feel the good and allow yourself to feel that good and kindness even in the presence of bad and hate. If you can find good in the air, feel it and harness it, then you can share it.

Find the good. Feel the good. Share the good! Even when our darkest moments are upon us, and the clouds are ever present and blocking the view, there is a brilliant blue sky with sun shining kindly up above it. Yes, there is. Now we may not be able to see it or feel it, but we need to get back to knowing it is there and fighting for it as soon as we can.

So, go be the only you that will ever walk this earth, and be the best you. When times are tough and the clouds swirl down around your head blocking the sun, just know the sun is still there waiting on you… to get back to being the best you that you can be, because you are the only you that will ever be.

Cheers! Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

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