Are you unwittingly promoting a culture of “Almost Hitting Goals?”

 Compare the two images of a runner below. Look at the emphasis on starting line and finish line related to percent of goal. What is the difference? Could this simple difference in mindset, approach and expectation catapult performance in your culture? Yes it can!



In the first picture the runner starts doing his job at 0% and finishes doing his job at 100% of goal. This is mediocrity.

In the second picture the runner starts doing his job at 100% of goal and will far exceed that goal! This is excellence.

In simplest terms, we start doing our job at 100% of goal. This one cultural shift can transform a team! We expect 100% of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals to be exceeded.

So many of my engagements begin with long and detailed briefings of the many problems, issues, and disappointments. One of the things I look at first is the culture of winning. Winners exceed expectations and they do it at every level. Winners recover from mistakes and errors and come back with a hard swing. Winners see their role and success as surpassing goals. So winners do not feel they have done their job until they surpass 100%.

As an executive coach, these types of cultural shifts are awe inspiring! Some players will rebel from such expectations. The champions, though, will embrace them!

Cheers! Until next week, go do something to lead your leaders and your team to exceed expectations. Your clients will notice. So will your bottom line!

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