If you are the last good guy in the room… never surrender your gun!

The bad guy is across the room. Smoke fills the space in between. “Put your gun down!” He says, with a knife to your child’s throat and a gun pointed at you. “I will kill you and your child,” he says. “Put your gun down or your daughter dies!”

I stand exposed in the middle of the room holding my Colt 45 aimed right at his head. My hands are shaking. Nowhere to retreat. I never pause or flinch. I stare this evil man down. Without warning, I fire off two shots at his head hoping to miss my daughter. He seems to fall yet he shoots as well. Within a blink, I fire two more at him as he is falling.

Bursts of flames spray from the barrel of my pistol and his… Shots fire at me and maybe my daughter. There is a smoke filled moment of chaos. Two more shots. What if he shot me? What if I hit my daughter?

I hear my daughter say, “Daddy,” as she runs towards me. She is safe. The evil is dead. I hit him twice, fatally. My daughter was not cut or shot. She was not whisked away. She is in my arms. He is dead. We are safe.

If you are the last hope for good… for right… in the room, never put down your gun. Use it. Take the risk. Stare evil down. Win.

Never surrender the power to save, especially when the power to destroy demands that you surrender the power to save.

My loved one will not see me surrender the only weapon that might have saved them. I would rather send my wife or child to heaven by accidentally hitting them with a bullet meant for their captor or torturer prior to them being taken. The bad guy must die before he subjects my loved ones to his savagery.

I have faced evil many times, and it always expects us to acquiesce. Do not. Stare it down. Defeat it.

If you are the last hope for good… for right, in the room, never put down your gun.

  1. This is so true. Evil has to be put down. It does not respond to weakness kindly. Well said. Scary but true.

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