Life must be lived in the threat of our time. We can beat this

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Master of the obvious thought: considering the # of months, # of tests, # of infections, # of recoveries, and # of deaths, we have a HUGE population of living survivors with immunity. What is the science behind that? Where’s the hourly tracking of immune survivors?

Life must be lived in the threat of our time. Work is honorable. Government should never prevent citizens from working to support their dreams, livelihoods and industry. Government gets its power from the people. Limited government applies in all situations.

USA Population is 328.4 million. 166,317 deaths attributed (very loosely) to Covid 19. That is .05% death-rate. 74% of USA Covid deaths occured in citizens 65 years and older.

So 123,075 of the 166,317 deaths in the USA were from citizens at or beyond the age of retirement. Have you ever researched the morbidity rate in citizens 65+ years of age or older? They are prone to get sick and die, and every five years the probability of the co-morbidity death cocktail increases.

This means that 43,243 American citizens under the age of 65 have died from Covid 19. Have you considered how minuscule the threat is to non-retired Americans, and the crushing inhibition our government has put on us to survive by working? 43,243 deaths, .013% – – – even with the very loose and lucrative inclusion of deaths in general given a Covid 19 association.

The percentage of United States citizens who have died from Covid 19 under the age of 65 is .013%. Ask some questions. Does what we have done to shut down work, industry, worship, k- college education, and fellowship make sense?

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