The prayer for our sons and daughters:

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God bless America. God bless our founding fathers and mothers. God bless those who still look up and know Him, seek Him, and refuse to deny Him.

What a cluster f%ck this mess is in our country. It is, and we need to be able to say so. We question? We see,and we ponder?

How can any American watch the media shut down of free speech without objection? You really think “They” only silence “them”? Have you no acumen of history? When “They” run out of “them,” then you are next. This is not new. It is a very old cycle, and it has been played and replayed for thousands of years.

Good versus evil comes down to two distinct and obtuse jerseys. Good’s jersey. Evil’s jersey. You wear one. Which have you pulled upon your shoulders?

The devil deceives, and it will be a lie. God means what He said, and it will be true.

So what is Gwen’s and my prayer and blessing for our sons and daughters in 2021?

“I love you. And I believe in you, and us. I pray you ask for The Holy Spirit to speak to you and guide you. Without such you, we, will dwindle. I will hold your hand all the way, until my hand won’t work. And then I will be in heaven waiting on you. I sure love you. ❤️”

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