Waiting on God in Business is a Super Best Practice

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How many times, in our lives, have we prayed for God to open a door, remove an obstacle, or bless our efforts? How many times did we get impatient, outrun God to where we wanted to go, only to find that God had a different plan?

God’s plans are mysterious, on His timing, and far superior to our best efforts without Him

It is a superior best practice in business to make God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit our business partner. It is a mature and an even wiser decision to make God your superior in business. Seeking God’s direction and waiting on His direction is an incredible force in our lives.

When we are doing strategic planning, considering major decisions in our business, and the stakes are exceedingly high, then that is the time to put God at the wheel and ask Him to guide us.

Asking God to guide us, and then outrunning Him, exposes an immature lack of faith, and is an inefficient path in business

  • Put God at the helm
  • Share your vision and your wishes with God as if He is the guide and you will follow
  • Ask God to open your eyes to His vision for your business
  • Ask God to lead His vision and be willing to follow
  • Be sincere in your willingness to follow, wait on, and trust God to get you to where He will take you
  • When the storms, doubts, and fears creep in, which they will, double down on your faith and wait on God
  • Once God shows you the road, be as relentless and faithful as Moses, Mary, the apostles, David and your favorite people in The Bible. Get after it.
  • Watch what happens!

Be ready to act! Waiting on God does not imply being passive

Waiting on God to reveal His most powerful path for us, implies tenacity, focus and relentless pursuit of that path. The waiting is the hardest part. (Thanks Tom Petty). The second hardest part is the climb to make it happen.

In closing, this is a short post that is as powerful as it is brief. I have outrun God with my best intent many times, and it results in having to wait on God, anyway, to help me clean it up. I have also trusted in God, waited on Him, and led others to have the same trust and belief. Once God shows us His path, we must be tenacious and fearless. It takes faith in waiting followed by faith in pursuit. It is an extreme, super-senior best practice. It is incredible.

Until next time, cheers!

    1. What a kind thing to say. Thank you. There are moments where I struggle as well. Especially when the stakes are high. It takes a lot of faith, trust, and patience.

  1. Hello Mel, my Mother contacted me tonight with a special prayer request. And I’m praying. I stumbled upon your blog as I was looking to send you a message. Your latest blog really hits home with me bc I’m making a decision about my job right now. So thank you! Susan knight peacock skpeacock@jefcoed.com

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