“Mama, if we put a big wall in space, what would be on the other side of the wall?” …And The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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How fitting is it to be a little boy or a little girl who looks at the stars and sees God? What if the child prayed and God answered? Of course He did. The parents, the educators, the elite, the bosses, and the powerful are the ones who have punted their duties to share, standup for, and represent God.

“In recent years, global elites have used disasters and the threat of disasters to create a pace of worldwide change never seen before. This change includes a redefining of moral values and even of the definition of truth. Over the past two years, they have primarily used Covid-19. In 2022, they will continue to use fear as the primary driver of change. But as the year goes on, expect them to increasingly shift the focus of our fears more toward climate change.” A quote from Hal Lindsey’s latest newsletter.

From whom are our freedoms and liberties given? From man? From government? From God? Our US Constitution and our founding fathers and mothers clearly wrote, died for and left us a country based on our freedom and liberty being innate from our creator, God.

Leaders and governments all over the world are stripping our freedoms and liberty using “disease” as the premise. That is deceitful. It is not pure of heart. It has an evil bent. Get ready, they will soon do the same using climate change as the reason. Times sure have changed.

Back in the early 1970,s, at a young age, I remember asking my Mom and Grandmother two questions:

  1. While looking at the stars and pondering, I asked, “Mama, if we put a big wall in space, what would be on the other side of the wall?” Mom was like “What?…” My contemplation as a 3-year-old was not about a wall. It was the awe of infinity.
  2. As a young child while my Grandmother Blackwell was scratching my back and talking to me about God and Jesus, I remember saying to her “Grandmama, either God made man, or Man made god. Think about that one.

When you hang up your keys, cleats, and retire, what will they really say about you, the Captain of your ship? What did you fight for? What ground did you surrender?

Good and evil are real. They have sources, God and Lucifer. As a kid and then as a young parent, our family loved the story, The Boy That Cried Wolf.

Gwen and I have worked hard to raise our four children. As parents, we will never be done being Mom and Dad. We put each other and our children atop the priority list. At least that was our choice together. We wanted, and still want, our children to see us trying to do right, and trying not to do wrong. It is noble. A healthy family unit is the core of any civilization, proven by history.

Since 2020 we are seeing a global effort by elites and an unelected few to rule free people with force. They promote evil and suppress good.

So what of freedom? Our freedom does not come from our government or our politicians. History harshly teaches that government, politicians, and centralized power are to be held in check, or the people pay the price. An awful price. A government powerful enough to take care of you will soon take from you, forever. Government takes. Truth be known, the only freedom we will ever have will be the freedom we take from our government – the politicians. Both democrats and republicans take. All politicians take. Yes, there are good people who are politicians. As a collective force, though, they take. Some politicians fight it. They usually lose along with us.

Remember, as a constituent, a voter, a free woman or free man, never give your rights away. Our individual rights to disagree unite us.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How did some politician, some professor, some elite technocrat, some CDC director, some zealot we will never meet, get the right to tell us how to think… how to live… what to say?” Remember, as a constituent, a voter, a free woman or free man, never give your rights away. Our individual rights to disagree unite us. Remember that. Our individual rights to disagree unite us. Politicians make us fight while they split up our money and go party together. They are them. They tell you I am white. They tell me you hate rich folks. They say women all think this way. They refer to Latinos as a single-minded people. They scream at us that Black people all think this way. They tell us we cannot enjoy our differences. Bullpoop! We speak for ourselves. Remember, you ride the you horse! We are not a voting block. We are very unique, and skin color is not a brand.

When we disagree they convince us that each other is hateful. They plant the hate. Maybe we simply disagree. The hate is not a best practice. Do not take the bait. It is a fake wrestling match. So what of that Boy Who Cried Wolf? It was a story of right and wrong, and consequences. I remember having to teach our two oldest daughters, Clara and Emalyn why not to lie. We had to teach Nick and Elisabeth the same when they were little. So is it smarter to teach them why to tell the truth? Or is it smarter to teach them why not to lie? Both of course. These two truths touch, yet run differing directions. Both are great lessons.

Fun bathed in good is worth repeating. Especially backed by The Word of God. Much of what is being taught, now, to children in schools and via the entertainment complex is morally corrupt. Do not let them corrupt your children’s souls.

To teach and coach our children about not lying, Gwen and I started telling the kids about The Boy Who Cried Wolf at bedtime for many years. Oh how they loved to hear that story! We always told it with tickles and an attack of tickling when the wolf attacked the lying little boy. It was a tragedy. There were lies, attacks and near death experiences. There was shame. Why was this their favorite bedtime story?

  1. One reason is because we all hoped the attack of that old wolf was long away. They were in baby cribs and little kid beds… our sweet son and daughters were many years from that mean old wolf. It still seemed like a fairy tale.
  2. Another reason is because Gwen and I knew God would be there for them. God had been there all along. God and Jesus and The Holy Spirit have been in my life the whole way. Judge me. Hate me. I do not care. God made Himself known to me at a young age. So when I tell analogies, parables and stories, I know where good comes from. I bet on good. Best practice is based on good.
  3. Yet another reason is because the truth of The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a brutal one. My goal was to get the kids’ attention. We needed to get a life or death point across. So I told a parable… a story. It was interesting. It was always a spirited story the way we told it! The look in their eyes was so cool. The excitement and the predictable conflict, and then the same ending. And because it included a tickle-fest when the mean old wolf attacked, the kids asked for it. They wanted to hear it again, and again, and again. Gwen and I always reinforced doing right and the moral to the story.
  4. The last reason… well it was fun for us to tell. Fun bathed in good is worth repeating. Gwen and I were coaching and teaching four (4) precious little souls, our own flesh and blood, how to be wise. Eventually, we could tell The Boy That Cried Wolf so good that they wanted to hear it every night, for like 20 years.

What does The Boy That Cried Wolf have to do with America in 2022? Let me ask you that question several different ways. What do right, wrong, trustworthiness, freedom, and leading others to embody them have to do with your role at work and at home? Are we living as if right and wrong have an equal outcome? Are we living aware that wrong has devastating consequences, starkly different from right? Yet, the greatest nation ever to exist now watches wrong being taught to toddlers on US television disguised by puppets, and taught in schools by “public servants.” What are we willing to do to stop tyranny and government overreach? How do you have a winning hand for you, your family and your business? What kind of country are we leaving behind for our grand children? What did we fight to keep? What did we retreat to lose?

When you hang up your keys, cleats, and retire, what will they really say about you, the Captain of your ship? What ground did you cede on your children’s and grand children’s liberty?

Until next time, Cheers!

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