Get busy being the better you!

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So many times through my life, common people, influential and powerful people, and even strangers ask me, “How are you doing?” And I answer, “Good. I am good.”

Quite a few dozens of times, the inquiring person would rightfully correct me, “You mean well?” Respectfully, I always reply, “No. I am good.”

The good you is the powerful you. Have the courage and tenacity to be the good you.

It is incredibly powerful when we are our very best and good self. Your best self is that little person that loved his Grand Mom, and she loved him. Our better self is still tied to our goodness and innocence. That little soul is still alive in us. Sometimes, we realize we outran our goodness. We may need to turn around and go pick it back up.

I suggest we all go back to being good, doing right, and remembering that love is kind and long suffering. We have a lot of full grown adults acting in such a way as to get an ass whooping from their Grand Mom if she was watching.

Buck up. Stop being the worst you. It is incredibly unbecoming. Act like you are being filmed, and you will soon have to watch it with Mom. 😄

Truth, good, kindness, freedom, and Godliness are getting dusty these days. Dust off your best you. Shine your “best you” shoes; Get your “better you” head right. We need to go fix this broken mess of a culture and world.

I get frustrated at sports announcers who say, “She is one of the better swimmers in the whole wide world…” What? I was always taught by my English professors that “better” and “best” had proper uses. “Better” is a comparison between two things or people. “Best” is a comparison between more than two things or people.

So in this wisdom, we should be our better self. Assuming that we have two tugging influences. One being good. One being evil.

We have the good fork in the road, or the evil fork in the road, every day. We decide to be our good self, or to be our evil self. Every decision, all day, is a fork to be our better or worse self.

So in this wisdom, be your better self. Think better. Act better. Feel better. Lead better. Manage better. Love more. Love better. In this way, you can be your best.

We also want to do our best. So, I guess we want to be our best self, as well.

Wake up America. Get busy being the better you. I know I am. 🇺🇸🦅

John 12:40 “The Lord has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts— so that their eyes cannot see, and their hearts cannot understand, and they cannot turn to me and have me heal them.”

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